A24U Benefits Program

Employee benefits made easy

Built exclusively for Elite Hearing Network members and their employees, Advocacy Advantage, or A24U, is a robust benefits program that includes a variety of health, dental, vision, and short-term disability insurance options. Designed to improve quality of life, A24U ensures you and your employees stay healthy so you can provide the highest level of care to your patients.

Offering a variety of health care benefits

Elite Hearing Network’s Advocacy Advantage program, or A24U, offers a variety of healthcare benefits for our members and their employees.

We recognize the pain points business owners often experience when it comes to selecting a benefits plan – employee satisfaction and turnover, high-cost benefits, frustration of working with various brokers – and developed this exclusive program specifically to mitigate them.  

Advocacy program can:

  1. Help you attract and retain top employee talent
  2. Expand your employee benefit offering without increasing your costs
  3. Simplify the benefits administration process
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Keep you and your employees happy and healthy

Attract and retain top talent by:

  • Offering necessary benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Allowing employees to choose which benefits are best for them and their family
  • Giving employees quick access to their selected benefits

Offer more without increasing costs by:

  • Leveraging the size of the entire Elite Hearing Network to receive competitive benefit rates
  • Optimizing current major medical health plans
  • Giving practice owners choice in who pays for the benefits offered

Simplify the benefits process by:

  • Allowing Elite to do the leg work of assessing costs
  • Working with a single broker to administer all benefits needs
  • Enrolling and managing benefits through a user-friendly online portal

More than medical insurance, A24U offers an extensive range of benefits, including:

  • Medical essentials insurance plan
  • Dental insurance plan
  • Vision insurance plan
  • Disability insurance plan
  • Life insurance plan
  • Major medical plan optimization
  • Person-to-person direct customer service
  • Direct portal access from the Elite Advocacy Center

This comprehensive set of benefits can be customized to your practice’s unique needs. You and your employees may select and use any benefit of the program.

Elite members who are currently satisfied with their major medical insurance, can still leverage the benefits of A24U.

Employee benefit access and flexibility

Download our comprehensive whitepaper to learn more about the common challenges associated with employee health insurance.  

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Advocacy Advantage FAQs

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