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Continuing education for your practice

At Elite Hearing Network, we're committed to the success of your practice. We also know your employees are often the key to that success. That's why we offer ongoing training opportunities for your staff.

The goal is to provide an investment in professional development, improved operations and overall patient experience. We offer online and in-person trainining as well as additional resources available for both your front office staff and hearing care providers.

Provider training

Some examples of training we offer for providers include:

  • Hearing Care Professional state licensing preparation course
  • Consultative protocols
  • Delivering the best patient outcomes
  • Patient journey

Front office staff training

Some examples of training we offer for front office staff include:

  • Customer service
  • Smart scheduling
  • Scripting
  • Patient journey
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Member care

Elite offers its members a variety of member care services designed to enhance the vitality of the individual practice while allowing for exceptional delivery of the patient care continuum.

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