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Oticon’s mission is to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of what technology can do to change the lives of those with hearing loss. For over 100 years Oticon has been working toward their vision of a world where hearing loss has no limitations. Caring for people is at the core of everything they do even from their beginnings. 

Oticon's history

Hans Demant created one of the world’s first electronic hearing aids to help his hearing-impaired wife live a better life. That was back in 1904 when Hans Demant founded Oticon, and the company has quickly grown from this foundation of care with a passion to help those with hearing loss. When Hans passed and his son took over the company, production moved back and forth between the US and Denmark until 1946 when he partnered with an American hearing aid producer. Oticon now has a global presence. 

Why Oticon?

Velox S™: This is the newest platform that Oticon hearing aids are built on. Velox S™ improves memory, highly sensitive detectors to monitor changes in environment, proactive feedback management, and improved battery performance. 

OpenSound Navigator™: This feature helps make it easier for the hearing aid wearer to experience a full, balanced soundscape across all listening environments and quickly adapts to where attention is needed. 

BrainHearing™: In combination of the OpenSound Navigator and OpenSound Optimizer working together, the BrainHearing™ helps hearing aid users improve speech understanding, memory recall, and reduce listening effort. 

Oticon in the news

New Oticon More™ Hearing Aids

Oticon More™ hearing aids use built-in intelligence to better process sound for effortless listening.

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