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Rexton has been working with hearing health professionals for the past 60 years to help refine their hearing aids to create the best hearing solutions. These include three different performance levels that can access six different programs. Rexton also offers a variety of features that are unique to their hearing aids ranging from their Voice Ranger to a Music Enhancer. 

Rexton's history

For over half a century, Rexton has been a leading hearing aid manufacturer. This Sivantos subsidiary has built their brand and perfected their hearing aids by having face-to-face conversations with hearing care professionals and actual Rexton customers. Rexton now offers hearing aids to fit every ear and lifestyle that are low maintenance and user friendly.  

Why Rexton?

My Voice: No one likes the sound of their own voice being unnaturally amplified. That’s why Rexton created their My Voice feature that identifies the hearing aid wearer’s voice and process it separately to keep it away from other noises in the wearer's environment creating a more natural listening experience. 

Durability: After 60 years of manufacturing trustworthy hearing aids, Rexton offers durable, long lasting devices. Most of their products are dust proof and water resistant.

Tinnitus function: Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ear, can make it difficult for many to hear, sleep, and concentrate. That’s why the Tinnitus Function, a built-in white sound generator, helps soften these uncomfortable noises for tinnitus relief.

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