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For over 20 years, Sonic Innovations has been helped bring everyday sounds and conversations to people with hearing loss. Their goal is to make their hearing technology mimic natural hearing. They live by their "4S Foundation," meaning they strive for sound that is natural, speech understanding and noise, simplicity in everything they do and style that stands out. 

Sonic Innovation's history

Sonic Innovations was started by three scientists-engineers whose life work was understanding sound is produced and processed by people. They made their first hearing aid in 1998, and it was a completely digital hearing aid that fit inside the human ear. Each year, Sonic Innovations continues to refine and advance their hearing technology. 

Why Sonic Innovations?

Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro: This smart feature works to stop feedback before it starts. It manages the sudden unpredictable changes in the feedback path resulting in a more comfortable listening experience for the hearing aid user. 

Sonic SoundDNA: Digital processing strategy that works to lower the sounds hearing aid wearers don’t want to hear and to amplify those that they do. It provides a clear and natural hearing experience that increases speech understanding.

Enchant Hearing Aids: This line of hearing aids is specifically made to be paired with iPhone devices for easy connection and compatiblitity. 

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