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For over 50 years Starkey has been helping people hear better. Starkey believes that the ability to hear is as important as the ability to breathe. They are proud to help you give your patients the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market. Their goal is to help people experience more whether that be communicate more or do more of what they love.

Starkey's history

Dating back to 1967, William Austin started the Professional Hearing Aid Service in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. They were the first in the industry to start offering fixed repair charges. Four years later William Austin purchased Starkey Laboratories, merging his two companies but keeping the Starkey name. To this day Starkey continues to create industry firsts, as of 2016 they launched their Synergy platform. Synergy is the first platform to have quad core twin compressor technology, and to have precise audibility and the best optimization for listening enjoyment. 

Why Starkey?

Edge Mode: This feature automatically conducts an AI based analysis of the wearer’s environment and adjusts accordingly.

Surface Nanoshield: To give patients next-generation moisture and wax repellent, this feature ensures reliability and durability.

Speech Indicators for Memory: Descriptive words are available for each memory programmed. This allows professionals to choose the most effective indicators for their patient. 

Starkey in the news

Starkey Wins AI Breakthrough Award

Starkey Hearing’s Livio Al hearing aid technology won the Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award.

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