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Meet Widex

With its headquarters in Denmark, Widex’s mission is to provide outstanding hearing aids and customer service. Placing their customer’s needs at the forefront, Widex designs, develops, and manufactures hearing aids, and continues to pioneer new hearing technologies. Passionate about their work to help people hear better, Widex strives to provide exceptional hearing health care solutions throughout the world.

Widex's history

In 1956 Widex released their first hearing aid that used to be worn in their wearer’s pockets. Later in 1985 they released the world’s first in-the-ear hearing aid that had the same technical quality as the best behind-the-ear hearing aids. Since then, they've grown to employ more than 4,000 people worldwide. More recently they opened their newest headquarters in Denmark that is completely CO2 neutral. 

Why Widex?

Zen/Zen+: Program to help manage tinnitus by using soothing tones or noise. 

Hammer Detector: This feature works to detect and minimize uncomfortable loud transient sounds.

PureSound™: This program helps hearing aid wearer’s experience a more natural sound than other hearing aids. 

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