Boost Call Center

Drive Better Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with Boost

Boost is your partner for both inbound and outbound phone calls with existing and potential patients.

Acting as an extension of your business, Boost supports the patient journey through awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty:

  • Boost awareness through marketing follow-up
  • Boost consideration through appointment booking
  • Boost purchases by converting patients on product trials
  • Boost ongoing loyalty through warranties and technology upgrades

How it Works

Customized for Your Practice

  • Use for inbound or outbound calls or both
  • Can be used all day or during certain business hours
  • Available in multiple languages

Represents Your Unique Brand

  • Call agents are trained to represent your brand to your patients
  • Call agents are trained to handle various scenarios while maintaining patient satisfaction

Provides Insights into Processes

  • Gain learnings about your patients and practice
  • Use data to transform processes and patient relationships

Efficient Call Processes

Learn how certain inbound and outbound call challenges can negatively impact operations as well as available solutions to increase productivity.

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