A24U Benefit Program's Frequently Asked Questions

Last update on Nov, 18, 2020

Advocacy Advantage, or A24U, is a benefits program built exclusively for Elite Hearing Network members and their employees. It includes various health, dental, vision, and short-term disability options and is designed to improve quality of life. A24U ensures you and your employees stay healthy so you can provide the highest level of care to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do only full-time employees qualify for A24U?

Nope! Both part-time and full-time employees can access A24U's benefits! 

Can you customize the program?

Yes! A24U benefits are completely customizable. Elite members and their employees can select the benefits that work best for them and their families.

Who qualifies for coverage with A24U?

Elite members, their employees, and dependents can access A24U benefits.

Is A24U compliant with the Affordable Care Act?

Yes! The A24U benefits comply with the Affordable Care Act!

Will A24U benefits disrupt my current benefits?

Nope! A24U benefits will not disrupt any major medical benefits you may have. 

What if I have a pre-existing condition?

Don't worry! Individuals with pre-existing conditions qualify for coverage under our A24U program. 
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Hear what one of our members has to say

Kurt and Carol Smith from Peak View Audiology & Cornerstone Hearing Center

"Our staff works as a team to exceed the patient's expectations while educating them about their hearing loss and recommending appropriate solutions to treat their hearing loss. Our staff is invested in our practices because we are invested in our practices because we are invested in our staff. We offer a full benefits package that includes health insurance (including dental and vision), short-term and long-term disability insurance, and a retirement savings plan." - Dr. Kurt Smith, Peak View Audiology & Cornerstone Hearing Center

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