Branding Your Hearing Health Care Practice

Last update on Mar, 17, 2021

Branding, a concept commonly used within larger corporations, is often missed, yet applicable, for smaller businesses like your hearing practice. Although you may not have a multi-person marketing team, it is possible for you to develop your brand on a smaller scale, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Assembling your messaging and branding elements is much simpler than most people assume. Let’s dive in.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the means of developing a universal understanding of your practice. It differentiates your business from competitors by promoting your unique value proposition – customer service, price, convenience, quality service, etc.

By positioning your brand, you communicate your practice’s mission and values. Examples would be “providing quality hearing care services in a safe and comfortable environment” or “make patients feel like they are visiting friends when they come to our practice to receive hearing care.”

What are the benefits or establishing a brand position?

You may not consider your practice a brand, but creating a brand around your goals and purpose in fact sets a clearer path forward across business operations.

Establishes an identity

Whether you brand yourself or not, your patients already have an opinion of you. Branding puts you in control over how your practice, services, and treatments are perceived. Putting much thought and energy into developing a brand reinforces what you want people to think and feel about your business. And this principle applies internally as well; your employees will understand objectives and what’s expected of them on a daily basis. 

Provides direction

Good branding informs your practice’s advertising approach, market and pricing strategies, and customer service efforts. Presenting yourself consistently across channels and outreach means there is no second guessing internally and makes you more recognizable to patients. Inconsistent branding – using different colors, language, and style – from one patient interaction to the next jumbles your messaging and creates confusion amongst your audience.

Contributes to growth

With better recognition, your practice also becomes more memorable. Patients who had a pleasant experience across interactions – in your office at their appointment, on your website, in emails, on phone calls – will remember you when the time comes to have their hearing evaluated or hearing aids adjusted. This boost in patient loyalty also contributes to your growth through reviews and referrals and therefore builds revenue. Consistent branding is tied to a revenue increase of 33 percent

Attracts and retains talent

Your staff represents your practice, and you want to bring in new team members that will be a living example of your mission and values. A positive, well-established brand also supports your hiring practices. Job searchers want to work for a company that is passionate about what they do and is admired by their customers/patients. They will apply at places that look attractive and professional – and once again, presenting your practice inconsistently will convey disorganization to potential candidates.

Tips for positioning your hearing practice

As you begin developing your brand positioning, do research. Look at your competitors, compare yourself to them, and pick out what makes you stand out from other hearing practices in your area. Ask patients for input and listen to their feedback.  

Before ironing out the details of your brand, create a brand positioning statement that everyone in your practice will follow moving forward. Use the market differentiators and patient reviews you’ve previously determined to come up with a genuine statement that encapsulates what you want patients to associate with your business. Keep this declaration simple; by trying to do too much your main message will get lost.

As with most business strategies, be open and willing to change. Your initial positioning statement may not stick, and that’s okay. Your practice will grow, and as it grows you will learn what works for patients and what doesn’t. Revise your statement as needed until you land on something that suits you and your patients alike. 

Get started with branding

As you go forth in crafting your brand elements, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do we want our practice name presented, both in our office and within marketing/advertising?
  • How will our logo appear on in-office signage, emails, business cards, brochures, and other patient-facing materials?
  • What colors will appeal to our audience while embodying our mission?
  • Do we want our tone of voice to be formal or informal?
  • How can we communicate our brand through the customer service interactions we have every day?

In an upcoming blog, we will discuss the elements you need to include in your branding strategy and how to start putting them together. Stay tuned!

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