Building a Brand Identity System

We’ve already talked about branding and why positioning your brand is important for illustrating your practice’s mission and personality.

Assembling a cohesive brand requires a proactive and well thought out strategy. Whether you are creating a new brand from scratch or rebranding your practice, this blog will ensure no detail is missed.

Elements of a successful brand

The very first step in branding is to agree on a unique value proposition, or UVP. Who are you and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Your practice’s UVP is the umbrella under which everything you do should fall. Work with your team to decide on your value proposition and put it into action.

Once this UVP has been determined, you can get started on building out the following brand components:

Brand name

Does your name properly convey what your practice does? Is it easy to remember? Keep your business name simple and use it consistently everywhere. For instance, an audiology practice may be advertised as “ABC Audiology” in some places and “Dr. XYZ & Associates” in others. Pick one name and stick with it to avoid confusion and stay memorable to patients.

Brand logo

Your logo is a visual representation of your practice and must not be overlooked. It should reflect your mission and unique value proposition (see below) and use relevant imagery. Like your name, less is more when it comes to logos; keep it clear and simple and patients will be far more likely to recognize and remember you. Once you’ve finalized your logo, make sure you have size and color variations to use across media – including email, mailers, brochures, signage, social media, and other materials.  

Brand colors

Consider what colors appeal to your audience and will be easily associated with your practice and the quality care you provide. Certain colors express health and wellbeing, while others may come off harsh or aggressive. Stick with colors that promote what you want patients to feel about your practice and use the same palette in your logo, patient documents, and promotions.

Imagery and typography

Like all other elements of your brand, consistency in imagery is key. Use similar styles – whether your own photos or stock photography – colors, and filters. Any graphics or shapes you incorporate should also be uniform in style to remain recognizable to your patients. Unless you have a skilled designer working at your office, you can outsource the creation of different design elements that you can easily place into marketing pieces. 


Beyond the tangible parts of your brand, you should also land on the language and tone of voice you want to use across patient-facing materials. Whether you want to come across as friendly, professional, formal, casual, or a mix of more than one, commit to whatever you decide.

This should also include certain terminology and style of writing. For example, if you are taking a more casual approach, perhaps you will use contractions (you’ll, can’t, we’ve) rather than writing words out (you will, cannot, we have). In marketing headers, decide whether you will use title case (Your Title Here) or sentence case (Your title here). A sense of consistency will leave no questions amongst your team when it comes to writing copy. 

Building your brand

Compile all of these elements into a brand guide that is accessible to every employee. This will give clear direction for what font types (bold, italic, etc.), graphics, images, and language to use for every kind of print or digital piece. Each member of your staff should follow and represent these guidelines while at work when interacting with patients as well as each other.

When it comes to developing your brand, don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Start small and take on only what’s attainable; then you can add on as time and resources allow. Just remember to be consistent to create the best, most seamless experience for your patients.

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