How to Get Patient Reviews

You likely put most of your marketing strategy toward your online and print advertising– taking patient reviews as they come but not prioritizing them. Reviews are one of the most trusted sources for patients seeking care. While you might think obtaining reviews is out of your control, it is in fact a critical piece of your patient growth initiative, and there are approaches you can take to get positive reviews that increase patient acquisition.

Why patient reviews are good for your hearing practice

Why should you put patient reviews at the forefront of your marketing strategy? Over 70% of people make recommendations because of a great experience, according to Chatter Matters’ 2018 Word of Mouth report. Feedback, both positive and negative, help you optimize internal processes and expand your patient base. Here are just a handful of benefits reviews can provide.

Attract new patients

Word of mouth is one of the most impactful marketing methods today. In fact, nearly 70% of patients say reviews are crucial in selecting health care providers, according to a survey from PatientPop. Reviews that endorse your practice, staff, and/or services will attract potential patients browsing the internet for hearing care and reassure them to schedule an appointment with you. As a result, you boost patient acquisition.  

Gain insight into business reputation

Whether a patient leaves a review singing your praises or expressing their dissatisfaction, you can use their input to identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses and where you can modify systems to operate at your best. Complaints, while not the most welcome, serve as learning opportunities to make internal adjustments or improvements. On the other hand, complimentary reviews reveal where you and your staff excel and help you understand what not to change.

Strengthen patient relationships

Reading and responding to online reviews and acting upon feedback demonstrates that you value your patients and the level of care you provide them. A person who had an unpleasant experience and leaves a poor review will at the very least appreciate a response acknowledging that you are listening and paying attention to their needs. 

Improve your patient experience

Feeling heard and valued, and knowing other patients recommend your practice will only have a positive impact on your overall experience. 

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Best practices for getting patient reviews

How can you initiate and expand your patient reviews? 
  • First, make sure you have complete business profiles and listings on relevant review sites, like Google My Business. A robust profile with general practice and service information, hours, and photos make you easier to find and simpler for patients to describe their experiences.
  • You can also encourage patients to leave reviews by sending an email following their appointment that requests feedback, lets them know you are available to answer any questions, and links directly to your preferred review site.
  • Within your office, set out a tablet or printed form in your waiting area for patients to submit feedback after their appointment. Have front office staff point patients to the tablet or form or feature a sign to ensure patients don’t miss it.  
  • Finally, you can simply ask patients for reviews. Select loyal patients who have expressed appreciation for your practice and have returned numerous times for care. Chances are, they will be more than happy to write up a review for you. If possible and legal under state and/or association rules, offer incentives for those patients, like a gift card to a local coffee shop or discounted service at their next visit.

Create your patient review strategy

Obtaining patient reviews is a long game in medical practice marketing, so don’t expect instant results. Be proactive and reactive, using the steps laid out above to inspire patients to write reviews, then leaving thoughtful responses to those reviews. Take to heart reviews that point out areas for improvement or comment on something specific and address them by making the necessary changes within your practice.

It will be well worth it when both your patient acquisition and retention rates grow.

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