How to Increase Your Close Rate

Last update on Apr, 30, 2020

It’s estimated there are 28.8 million Americans age 20-69 who could benefit from wearing hearing aids. No surprise, right? Yet fewer than 16% have ever used them.

Selling strategies

As a hearing health care provider, your patients look to you to find solutions to treat their diagnosed hearing loss. However, your patients may be walking out the door without that solution. Here are a few strategies our members use to increase their close rate.

Discover patient motivators

It's important to really understand what brings your patient into your office. Is it being able to hear during meetings at work? Is it hearing their granddaugher whisper secrets in their ear? Understanding their needs will allow you to guide your patient through a journey that leads to successful hearing aid adoption. This also creates a connection between you and your patient, creating an empathy-driven experience and the desire to come back.

Offer financial counseling & flexibility

Selling a hearing aid is extremely difficult if you don't successfully convey the benefit it will have on their overall quality of life. Skip the technical jargon about the devices and speak about your patient’s expected listening experience. Then offer financing solutions that give patients flexibility for how and when they pay for their devices.

Offer demo trials

Hearing aids are a big investment, so it's understandable that some patients may be hesitant to purchase. Allow your patients to ‘try before they buy’ and experience the difference for themselves. This is perfect for your patients who may be denial and are not convinced they need hearing aids.

Did you know?

Less than 16% Americans have used hearing aids.

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