Improve Business Reach with Local SEO Strategies

Last update on Mar, 10, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often overlooked in marketing, but it is in fact incredibly important for spreading business awareness, especially to those living in your area searching for hearing care. SEO is a powerful approach for turning internet browsers into website visitors, and those website visitors into patients.

These simple strategies will help you drive organic traffic and increase the number of appointments scheduled at your practice.

Local SEO best practices

What you first need to consider in terms of SEO practices is your website, since this is where you will be driving all potential patients. 

User-friendly website

First, you’ll want to ensure your site is user-friendly for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to HubSpot, 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a business if they have a mobile-responsive website. Make your phone number clickable on every page of your website to allow potential patients to get a hold of you when searching on their phones. 

Contact page

You should also have a contact page on your website with your business name, address and phone number – for all locations if you have multiple – and email address, if applicable. Feature an interactive map on the contact page to serve as a visual representation of where you are located and simplify the process for patients looking for directions. 

Website schema

Add schema to your website. Schema is a common language between search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that makes it easier for them to crawl your website and understand what it is about. Adding the appropriate schema code to the backend of your site signifies to search engines that you are in fact a local business. There are many resources online that can help you write this code and add it to the header of your website, including

Online reviews

Online reviews via Yelp, Healthgrades, and other reputable sites can also positively impact your SEO. Someone searching online for a hearing care provider will be more likely to go to your website if they find a variety of positive reviews for your practice. Prioritize reviews and ask patients to provide them when reasonable. Learn more about why patient reviews are important and how to initiate them in this blog post. If and when you find a particularly positive review online, reach out to that patient and ask if you can feature it as a testimonial on your website to increase legitimacy.

Local online business listings

Your practice should have a presence online outside of your website. Business listings like Google My Business help businesses connect with their customers – or in your case, patients. Create a profile and fill out all fields to help patients learn more about your practice and how to contact you. Before creating your listing, do an online search yourself to ensure one doesn’t already exist. If you discover a current page, you can easily claim it through Google’s verification process. 

Social media

Social media is another channel for patients to not only find your practice, but also engage with you. Just like with online business listings, confirm that there isn’t already a page for your practice before creating one. Only have a presence on the social channels that your target audience (patients) are using, otherwise you’ll find yourself bogged down in updating information and wasting a lot of time pushing content out that may not get much reach. 

Content marketing

Finally, implement content marketing into your SEO efforts. Content marketing involves the strategic creation, distribution, and publication of educational materials targeted at your patients. Think about what questions your patients might be looking up online and create blogs and other resources based on these questions. For instance, you could feature a blog on your website about the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Then, a person trying to find the signs and symptoms of hearing loss may discover this blog post, determine that they in fact have hearing loss, and decide to schedule an appointment to have their hearing health evaluated. They are already on your website and see that you are taking new patients; how convenient! They can seamlessly call and schedule an appointment with you from there. 
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