Manage Through an Audiology Shortage

Last update on May, 06, 2020

Do you feel like you're always struggling to find and hire audiologists? You're not alone. The shortage of audiologists is a real problem and is only continuing to grow. It’s projected that 6,000 audiologists will retire by the year 2024. While adding more audiologists to the workforce would be the ideal solution for the patient demand, that’s easier said than done.

Strategies to manage a practitioner shortage

Members of the Elite Hearing Network are getting creative to keep their practice moving. Consider the following strategies to manage through a practitioner shortage.

Utilize audiology assistants

Audiology assistants can complete services and tasks such as cleaning hearing aids, providing patient education, managing device orders and repairs, as well as maintaining patient treatment areas. This frees up times from tasks that don't require an audiologist, allowing you and your pratitioners to see more patients. These roles can be filled by certified audiology assistants or audiology students.

Leverage teleaudiology

Teleaudiology enables an assistant or technician to meet with the patient while the audiologist remotes in during only the portions that require an audiologist. The services offered can be simple or complex and can be tailored to meet the needs of your patients and practice. This not only increases access to care for patients, it also reduces wait times and can improve clinical outcomes.

Implement smart scheduling

Schedule appointments for the appropriate amount of time. Then identify gaps in the schedule and adjust for maximum utilization. This smart scheduling improves the daily operations of your practice leading to improved organization and better patient flow.

Did you know?

6,000 audiologists will retire by 2024.

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