New ReSound ONE Hearing Aids

On 8/18/20, ReSound launched its new hearing aid platform, ReSound ONE. Each person's hearing needs are unique, but most hearing aids have a standardized approach, which may result in compromised sound quality. Equipped with a new look and advanced technological features, ReSound ONE provides hearing solutions that are as unique as those that use them.

Hearing aids

Utilizing the latest ground-breaking technology, ReSound ONE is available in various styles to meet each user's unique needs. Currently offered are three different receiver-in-canal hearing aids, a rechargeable hearing aid, and two sizes of traditional battery hearing aids. These new devices' long battery life ensures wearers can confidently move throughout their day without worrying about changing batteries or having to recharge their hearing aids.

Microphone in the receiver

ReSound ONE features a microphone in the receiver of the hearing aids. Placing a microphone in the receiver allows the wearer to experience a more natural sound as the outer ear helps to localize this sound. Microphones in the receiver have typically been a challenge due to creating unwanted feedback; however, ReSound's new feedback management system, DFS Ultra III, mitigates this issue.

New directionality modes

ReSound ONE offers the wearer two new directionality modes, All Access Directionality and user-activated Ultra focus setting. These two new directionality modes improve speech recognition and spatial perception in noisy environments. Ultra focus helps hearing aid wearers improve their one-to-one hearing in even the toughest environments while All Access Directionality provides better hearing in all environments. More information about ReSound ONE hearing aids will be shared at their virtual launch on September 1, 2020. 

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