Q4 2020 Health Care Innovation News

With the constant daily hustle and bustle it can be difficult to stay informed on industry changes. That’s why we created our Quarterly Health Care Innovation Newsletter that is packed with the news you need to know. Read the summaries or the full articles to learn more.

Face mask

Impact of Hearing Loss and Universal Face Masking in the COVID-19 Era

Current COVID-19 safety measures such as wearing masks and social distancing make effective communication difficult for those with hearing loss. Face masks alter the frequency of the speaker's voice, impacting more than 27.7 million Americans.

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Expanding Your Hearing Care Beyond the Walls of Your Clinic

Hearing care professionals often fall into a routine only focusing on their hearing aids, but now they are looking at the whole hearing solution by focusing on fitting software and apps. Resulting in happier users, fewer returns, and fine-tuning. 

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Baby sleeping

Language Development in Cochlear Implant Children

Newborn hearing screenings have allowed for identifying those with hearing loss early so they can be aided by hearing technology. Starting early can help child development as shown in a study by the NIH.

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Smartphone and coffee

SoundWatch alerts deaf and hard-of-hearing people to important sounds

SoundWatch was developed by researchers at the University of Washington to help identify sounds and alert users with a buzz and visual readout. It uses the smartwatch’s microphone to send specific sound data to the user’s phone to be processed. 

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Business meeting

Senators Warren and Grassley Urge FDA to Initiate ‘Overdue Rules’

for ‘OTC Hearing Aid Act’

 U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren urged the FDA to start their overdue rules for OTC hearing aids immediately. The Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act was created in 2017 and the rules were due on August 18, 2020. 

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