Reboot 2020 in Action

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extreme disruption across the world, and the members of Elite Hearing Network have certainly felt its impact. Many of our members are in the process of rescheduling patient appointments that were abruptly canceled due to practice closures.

Elite Hearing Network quickly recognized our hearing health practitioners' need for support as they reopen their practices and ramp up their critical care of vulnerable populations. Reboot 2020 was launched at the end of May to meet this need. As participants in this ongoing program, members are encouraged to welcome back both patients and staff by hosting a drive-through event at their practice.

These events allow practitioners to engage with patients in-person (at a distance, of course), offer snacks and refreshments, and reschedule appointments that were canceled due to COVID-19.

Elite members Dr. Megan Johnson and Derek Johnson of Johnson Audiology in Tennessee and Georgia are an excellent example of how the Reboot 2020 program has helped jump-start businesses. The Johnson Audiology team has hosted drive-through events at several of their practice locations. Patients whose appointments were canceled due to COVID-19 were invited to the events and offered a box lunch from a local BBQ restaurant in exchange for rescheduling their appointments. The investment in the community from these events is two-fold. Patients in need of hearing health care receive new appointments, and a local restaurant also impacted by the pandemic is receiving support from Johnson Audiology.

The success of these Reboot 2020 events is undoubtedly due to the Johnson Audiology team's all hands-on deck approach. Several team members placed personal phone calls, text messages, and emails to all of the patients whose appointments were disrupted in March and April to invite them to the events. Staff members also welcomed patients to the events, handed out boxed lunches, and rescheduled appointments.

On behalf of everyone at Elite, thank you to everyone at Johnson Audiology for demonstrating Advocacy for your patients and community.

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