Why Patient Experience Matters

Last update on Apr, 20, 2020

As health care continues moving towards a consumer driven market, health care providers must be willing to evolve to meet their needs. As consumers become savvier, you can’t ignore the importance of providing a great patient experience. You also can’t ignore the link between the patient experience and how it impacts your bottom line.

Improved business performance

Here are just a few reasons why Elite Hearing Network members have elevated their patient experience strategies.

Increased revenue

It was found that 84% of organizations who are working to improve experience have reported an increase in revenue. Similarly, experience driven businesses see an annual revenue growth rate of 15%.

Improved patient satisfaction

Experience driven health care companies are nearly twice as likely as other health care companies to cite improved customer satisfaction metrics. It should also be no surprise that patient satisfaction is critical to building trusted relationships and will keep your patients coming back to see you.

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