Running your office, growing your practice, and marketing your brand take time and can stretch you outside your area of expertise. We bring you expert support with programs and services that free you to focus on patients, and help you thrive as an independent practice. Contact us.


For Your Office

For Your Practice

For Marketing

For Your Office

Our team of internal and external experts provides comprehensive business services to help run your office efficiently. Contact us. 

Business Loans

It can be difficult to secure the bank financing to achieve your business goals. We understand the industry and can assist you throughout the process, to help you secure competitive financing and terms to purchase equipment, or buy, expand or improve your practice.

Human Resource Tools

Staffing issues can take you away from your patients. Your Elite Strategic Business Advisor can connect you to our HR experts for support services from recruiting candidates to creating star performers. 

Preferred Vendor Discounts and Savings

As an Elite member, you can take advantage of Business Partner Discounts services from a wide range of vendors.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Save time and reduce overhead costs by outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting to Elite Hearing Network. We bring you sound bookkeeping advice from people who understand the hearing healthcare business. Affordable rates start at $500/month, and scalable services can adjust to changes in your business.

Skill-Building Training Programs

Your Elite Business Advisor Team can help you identify training gaps and offer on-site, online and local employee training programs to boost employee competencies, optimize your front desk, increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience.

For Your Practice

Elite Hearing Network offers programs and services designed specifically to support the needs of hearing healthcare practices. Contact us.

Get Top Hearing Aid Brands from One Source

Our industry-leading Elite Solution Package™ includes discounts on hearing aids from all nine top manufacturers. In addition, members can take advantage of a 3-year full manufacturer’s warranty, 3-year loss and damage coverage, 100 free battery cells for every hearing aid purchase.

Business Intelligence: Transform Data into Answers

As a Platinum member, you can take advantage of robust business analytics that provide actionable insights to help you grow your practice. Clear, meaningful reports let you see what’s going on within your business and the industry, and your Elite Business Advisor Team provides consultation and guidance help you take appropriate action.

Exclusive 409a Pre-Tax Savings Plan

Accelerate your savings with our exclusive savings plan, featuring matching funds for hearing aid purchases—with no early withdrawal penalty and no earning cap.

Annual Business Summit

Each year, members from across the country gather at a sunny location for our Annual Business Summit to learn, share best practices and network with peers.

For Marketing

Grow your practice with marketing programs to help you build awareness, differentiate your brand and generate patient referrals. Contact us. 

Plan your marketing program

Your Elite Business Advisor Team brings you tools, resources and guidance to help you assess, develop, track and execute a successful marketing program to build your brand identify and compete more effectively in your market.

Target marketing to attract new patients

We offer customized local marketing programs to help you target new patients, and CRM marketing to build loyalty with current patients. Our online Marketing Resource Center offers tools for targeted direct response to help you reach the right audience within your radius or natural borders, and call tracking services help you measure how your campaign is working.

Digital marketing to drive traffic

Elite Hearing Network can help you create a new web site, optimize your current site, and develop local search, social media and reporting programs to promote your brand and generate leads.

Free patient referrals

As an Elite member, you have access to one of the nation’s largest network of hearing health benefits through Amplifon Hearing Health Care. You’ll benefit from patient referrals through our partnerships with insurance companies, employers, unions, member groups and workers’ compensation groups.

Earn rewards to grow your business

The Elite Rewards Program rewards members with points for product purchases, program participation and years of membership. As a Platinum Program member, you can earn an additional 10% of the purchase price of each eligible hearing aid. Redeem your rewards to purchase hearing aids or equipment, services to market your practice, or attendance at Elite’s Annual Business Summit.