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Create a balanced ENT practice

A robust and well-run audiology practice opens new opportunities for ENT practices to build revenue and profits. Elite Hearing Network provides the support and services your practice needs to run a successful audiology area.

Elite Hearing Network provides valuable support and best practices to ENT doctors, allowing you to focus on the care of your patients. We're well aware of the challenges ENT doctors face in the ever-evoloving hearing health care space, including:

  • improving patient flow
  • decreased reimbursement
  • integrating audiology and improving the process
  • maximizing profits for existing patient load
  • increasing non-surgical revenue
  • cross-functional integration
  • price and margin improvement
  • front office training
  • minimizing employee turnover
  • regulatory compliance

Our service offering, consisting of patient care, member care and network benefits, is aimed at solving these challenges as well as your unique business needs.

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Patient Care

Elite’s mission is to enable practitioners to reimagine patient care. With the implementation of a careful combination of patient care services, your practice can drive satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and an exceptional patient experience across the care continuum.

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