Our Members: Large Health Care Systems

Simplify hearing health care operations

Elite Hearing Network helps clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare systems simplify their hearing healthcare operations.

The administrative effort required to successfully manage hearing health care operations in hospitals, clinics and other medical systems can be overwhelming. As a member of Elite Hearing Network, you'll be able to focus on what matters most: providing an exceptional patient experience. The challenges we know you face everyday include:

  • improving clinical outcomes
  • cost reduction
  • HIPAA and regulatory compliance
  • efficiency or bill payment
  • simplifying and streamlining partnerships
  • differentiation of core competencies vs. competitors
  • communication between departments
  • patient billing and reimbursement
  • insurance process improvement
  • audiology price and margin improvement

With Elite as your partner in hearing health care, you'll be able to tackle these challenges and then some.

Hearing aid professional shows hearing aid to customer
Patient Care

Elite’s mission is to enable practitioners to reimagine patient care. With the implementation of a careful combination of patient care services, your practice can drive satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and an exceptional patient experience across the care continuum.

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